On June 14, let’s fill the streets (& social media) with art, music, dance and performance on behalf of equality, justice, the environment and the arts. 

The Artist March & Bring Him Down are teaming up! Attend one of seven events or plan a creative action for that evening. Share on social media with #ArtistMarch #SadBirthday. Bonus points if you Tweet @realDonaldTrump


In the U.S., Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the country's flag – a work of art hand sewn by a woman, proclaimed as a symbol of vigilance, perseverance, freedom and justice. Let's take back its meaning – which should be freedom for ALL. We can also use it to creatively express our disapproval of the current administration's actions (i.e., turning it upside down as a symbol of distress, using multiple flags to form words like RESIST, writing messages of hope & inclusion on the flag, etc. We DO NOT condone flag burning or any non-peaceful actions.) 

June 14 also happens to be the Electoral College President’s birthday. What better way to celebrate that day, than with the “gift” of protest art!


The current political climate has awoken an irrepressible need for artists/makers to take action. It has been encouraging to see the multitude of creative people around the globe making their voices heard.

Historically artists have led the way for social change. We have the tools to inspire others and create the visuals of propaganda. The creative community is vast, diverse and intersectional by nature, representing every background, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic status and age. There are so many things we can use art to fight for – including health care, immigration, minority rights, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, net neutrality, democracy, peace and environmental protection. We can also use art to fight for the arts, as it has been announced that NEA funding will be cut. Let’s unify all of the causes into a single march!!! 

The specificity of protests for individual causes has been powerful and effective but I think it is time for one huge global show of solidarity. We are calling for a march to express the world’s unity against the growing trends of nationalism, intolerance, division and authoritarianism!

While many individual artists, galleries and institutions are addressing these issues within the walls of the art world, We believe it’s time for us to take it out to the streets. If we stand together, who knows what our creativity can accomplish!


ActivistArtistA Gallery 

Bring Him Down

Everglades Gallery

Fancy Nasty Studios

Good Eye Press

LM Gallery

MASS Artists for Change


The Artful Activist

The Wynwood Yard


Painters, sculptors, photographers, street artists, designers, digital artists, curators, collectors, galleries, critics, museums, colleges, writers, poets, playwrights, musicians, dancers, performers, singers, composers, historians, filmmakers and more. While artists will lead the way, the Artist March will be all-inclusive event. 


“Artist March, a Series of Protests Planned Across the Country, Started in Miami”, by Neil de la Flor. Miami New Times. May 16, 2017.